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13.56M Mifare RW Reader
Product Name:13.56M Mifare RW Reader

Product No:192247-669
Was Price:0Dollar/Carton Now Price:0Dollar/Carton
Last update:2013.06.26
Manufacturer:UTG Taiwan
■ Features
Card Type: Mifare standard support
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz compatible card
Support cards: If EASYCARD Taiwan Tong
Read time: less than 100ms
Communication format: USB, driver required
Power Supply: USB to take power
Output connector: USB

■ Technical Specifications
Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ -40 ℃
Power supply: DC-5V USB power supply
Relative humidity: 15% ~ 85 & # xRH;
Maximum power consumption: 100mW
Reading distance :0-20cm
Dimensions: Length-10.4cm Width-7.0cm-1.1cm high

Can write their own programs, write stored value debit cards ... and other functions secrecy.